Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Mardi Gras

Even though my son William was feeling ill, we went ahead and did the mask today anyway.

First, trace their hands on the color of paper that they like the best.

Next, Fold the paper over and cut out two hand prints.

Then, glue the hand so that the palms are touching and the fingers are out (I did mine thumbs up). I made a nose area.

Mark and cut out the eye holes.

Then Decorate! (You can add a popsicle stick to make it easy to hold or a string).

The finished products!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Teacher Valentine Gift

I know I am behind, but this is what the kids are giving their teachers today.

I made the can by removing the labels and then covering with contact paper. I then added the ribbon to the top. I put in flower seeds, Smarties candies and an apple cinnamon heart on a string (Thanks Michelle for the fantastic recipe).

I then created a poem to go with the gift it is as follows:

Happy Valentine’s Day

My dear teacher,
You have watched me grow like a flower,
And I’ve grown in your heart hour after hour.
You’ve believed in me and I know I can!
So now I’m a Smartie and your #1 Fan!

The Prestos

The recipe for the apple cinnamon hearts is 1 part apple sauce to 1 part cinnamon. Roll it out on waxed paper and then let air dry over night. I used a straw to poke holes in the top to add the string.

coming soon Mardi Gras masks....will post by Sunday!